Rufener Hilltop Farms Is Your Seasonal Farm Market in Suffield, Ohio with Specials on Flowers, Vegetable Plants & More for Brimfield, Ohio and Mogadore, Ohio

If you’re wondering where to find the most vibrant flowers, the sweetest local strawberries, a variety of vegetable plants for your garden, or other seasonal local produce, then you are looking for Rufener Hilltop Farms in Suffield, Ohio! Located just minutes from Brimfield, Ohio and seconds from Mogadore, Ohio, this seasonal farm market has something to offer everyone throughout the spring, summer, and fall. And, if you want to take advantage of the best prices of the season and current specials, head out to Rufener Hilltop Farms today!

What kind of specials, you’re wondering? Well, if you stop by, you may just find a coupon for perennials! Normally $5.49 each, you can receive three for only $12.99 when you present your iShop coupon. (The coupon won’t be good forever, so we suggest printing it out and heading over to the market as soon as possible!)

Looking for annuals instead of perennials? Not to worry. Rufener Hilltop Farms offers flats of 36, 48, or 72 plants per flat at a mere $13.89 per flat. Do the comparison shopping if you need to, but you can rest assured that a better price cannot be found in the Suffield, Brimfield, or Mogadore area! If variety is what you’re in the (farm) market for, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can mix and match plants within your flat, which also includes combining flowers and vegetable plants! You can complete your entire garden with one quick trip to Rufener’s! They’re certainly living up to their standards of Quality, Selection, and Value.

Succulent strawberries will be arriving at the seasonal farm market around the end of May, but they will not last long. As Lana is quick to remind us, strawberry season is short! If you’d like to get your hands on a few quarts of these locally-grown fruits, it is definitely in your best interest to place your orders in advance. Eight-quart flats are discounted (another special!), so you can purchase enough to get you through the summer, or even freeze a few for a sweet treat and taste of summer when you’re snowed into your Brimfield or Suffield home this winter! Call 330.628.1082 to place your order for local strawberries right away!

In early July, you will see Rufener Hilltop Farms undergo a transformation from a flower market with some produce to a produce market with a few flowers. Greenhouse season will be coming to a close (though you will still find some perennials throughout the fall), and fresh, homegrown seasonal fruits and vegetables will fill the market to the brim!

An absolute must-have when you’re shopping at the farm market in the summer is the homegrown sweet corn which is picked fresh daily. Once you’ve tasted it, no grocery store stock will ever satisfy you. You can also expect to find homegrown tomatoes, peppers of all varieties, cucumbers, squash, and just about any other local, seasonal fruit or vegetable you can name. When you visit Rufener Hilltop Farms, no matter what the season, be sure to congratulate owners Alvin and Lana Rufener on twenty-two years in business!

Rufener Hilltop Farms is hard to miss as it sits right on State Route 43. Celebrate summer’s impending arrival at the seasonal farm market while picking up your favorite flowers and all of the vegetable plants you will need to put the finishing touches on your garden at home! Oh, and definitely do not forget to place your order for delicious spring strawberries!

There’s one more special available at Rufener Hilltop Farms… Mention this blog, and receive 10% off! The discount cannot be combined with other specials, but it’s an impressive savings on their already incredible regular prices on seasonal flowers, plants, produce, and so much more. Head out from your Brimfield, Ohio or Mogadore, Ohio home to Rufener Hilltop Farms in Suffield, Ohio today! You can also find them online at or on Facebook under, well, Rufener Hilltop Farms, of course.

Rufener Hilltop Farms
1022 State Rt. 43
Mogadore, Ohio 44260
Phone: 330.628.1082