Rufener’s Hilltop Farm’s Fall Festival Creates Fun Family Night Out for Akron, Ohio

Arguably, the best time of the year is closing in on us. The greatest parts of fall are filled with homemade caramel apples, fires, pumpkin carvings, and hay rides. Rufener’s Hilltop Farm embraces all of these and more for their Fall Festival. One of the greatest things about living in Akron, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; Kent, Ohio; Suffield, Ohio is being able to see the leaves change and being able to experience all that the season has to offer. Rufener’s Hilltop Farms is available for youth group parties as well to provide environmental education for kids. Whether you are looking for an education course or just a family night out this fall, Rufener’s Hilltop Farm has you covered.

Rufener’s Hilltop Farm’s Fall Festival beings October 1 and runs until October 31. The Festival is open to the public 11:00-5:00 every Saturday and Sunday. Whether you are looking for an outing with friends, with a loved one or for a family night out, Rufener’s Hilltop Farm has activities for everyone. Hundreds of pumpkins, straw barrels, and cornstalks are strewn across Rufener’s Hilltop Farm; among them you will find mini pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds for sale. You can take a hay ride around a working farm to the pumpkin patch. You can spend your time picking any size pumpkin from the field for you to carve or bake with back at home for only $5.00. From the pumpkin patch, you can wonder over to the petting zoo where you and family can spend time petting and interacting with zoo animals. Once you are done there you find your way through the eight acre “Lost At Sea” corn maze. “Lost At Sea” throws you into the middle of the sea; you must find your way past a pirate treasure, a giant shark, and onto a pirate ship. Once you are onto the ship, you must get past the cannons and the giant anchor before you are home free. Rufener’s Hilltop Farm also has a junior size maze, for those who don’t want to commit to eight acres.

You can plan a trip for school groups, private parties, churches, and youth groups. Kids can slide down the corn slide into a pool of corn; find their way through a junior maze, play in the pumpkin playhouse, and more. Rufener’s Hilltop Farm strives to provide a fun atmosphere for the environmental education for kids. Special group rates apply to those who book a reservation in October with Rufener’s Hilltop Farm. The Fall Festival at Rufener’s Hilltop Farm lets you unwind and have fun while providing a place to teach children about a day at the farm and nature. You can custom plan your day around your curriculum.

Rufener’s Hilltop Farm is best known for their produce and that is even more evident during their Fall Festival. You can enjoy fresh apple cider, homegrown apples, fall squash, fruits and vegetables, and homemade caramel apples. Rufener’s Hilltop Farm keeps their tomatoes, sweet corn, squash, and other fresh produce on sale until winter officially begins. The apple cider and caramel apples are made locally in Suffield.

Rufener’s Hilltop Farm provides everything you could possibly need for a fun family night out this fall. Environmental education for kids is important and Rufener’s Hilltop Farm provides an engaging, interactive atmosphere for your group. The Fall Festival at Rufener’s Hilltop Farm brings the best of fall to Stow, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Kent, Ohio; Suffield, Ohio. To reserve your spot now you visit their webpage or call 330-628-1082.