Safenet Security: A Locally Owned Northeast Ohio Company Making National Impact

Safenet Security takes pride in being “locally owned, but nationally known.”  What does that mean for you?  It means that, as a Northeast Ohio resident, you are protected by a company that has grown in your own backyard, that recognizes you and your needs, and that knows exactly how to protect you and your family.

Safenet Security has experienced exponential growth since their inception as a single-employee endeavor in 1996.  Despite this growth, they have not lost their Northeast Ohio sensibilities, and are still in tune with their local customers, which now number over 10,000.

One of the ways in which Safenet Security sets itself apart from other companies is the scope of services that they provide.  As a both an alarm company and a security integrations provider, they protect more than just your home or business, and monitor for more than just break-ins.

While residential and commercial security systems are an important part of Safenet Security, they are only the tip of the iceberg.  You can also look to this locally owned Northeast Ohio company for 24 hour fire and medical monitoring, carbon monoxide detectors, sump pump monitors, video surveillance, pet fencing, and more security solutions.

So, how did this locally owned company become nationally known?  With the addition of the SafeMedAlert division.  SafeMedAlert is a premiere service of Safenet Security that operates in all 50 states.  The growth has not “gone to their heads,” so to speak.  They are still invested in their Northeast Ohio community, and in providing the best possible service available.  Though Safenet Security is equipped to offer nationwide protection through their SafeMedAlert program, their attention to detail helps them to maintain relationships with their valued customers.

No charge, no obligations consultations and price quotes are available to ascertain your needs, and how Safenet Security can fulfill them.  During your consultation, you will experience the outstanding customer service all of their clients receive.  You will also find some of the most competitive pricing in the business, even for customized security solutions for your home and/or business.  Rest assured that the personal service you would expect from a local company will not end once you sign a contract: Safenet Security offers warranties on all of their parts, as well as the labor.

Labor is only performed by trusted, trained technicians who are employed by Safenet Security—no subcontractors or outsourced workers will be sent to your home or business.  Safenet Security has undergone Installation Quality Certification, which is the leading false alarm reduction program in the country.  It is considered a great honor to have achieved this level of quality, and to have earned the IQ Certification seal of approval.  To find out more about IQ Certification, and what standards a company must meet in order to achieve it, visit the “qualifications” page on the Safenet Security website.

Visit to explore the array of products and services available, and schedule your free consultation or call 888.723.3595.  You are sure to find all of your security solutions at this locally owned Northeast Ohio company whose mission is to “protect what you cherish most.”

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