Safenet Security Helps Cleveland, Ohio Homeowners with Remote Security Control

Having a home security system installed within your Cleveland, Ohio or Canton, Ohio residence can do a lot to bring you and your family peace of mind. It helps to eliminate many of your worries about fire, flood, burglary and other unfortunate events. Helping people to feel safe is exactly why Safenet Security goes the extra mile by providing Akron, Ohio area residents with a handy home automation system. Utilizing both and Total Connect from Honeywell, Safenet Security makes it possible for homeowners to obtain phone-controlled security. This remote security control is not only a user-friendly means of security—it is also extremely convenient for busy families on the go.

Each time you leave your Cleveland or Canton home, chances are that you start running through a mental checklist.

Did you make sure to lock all of the doors and close all of the windows? Did you turn off all of the appliances? Did you remember to set your home security system?

Having a home security system in place can certainly help ease some of your worries, but a home automation system can actually eliminate them completely! Safenet Security offers remote security control from, as well as Total Connect from Honeywell. Each of these user-friendly security programs allows you to check on your home when you’re on the go.

With Safenet Security’s phone-controlled security options, you can arm and check the status of your security system, receive and view security-related events, disarm and silence your system, check on multiple properties, bypass a door for unscheduled maintenance or service, control your garage door and even turn your lights on or off!

The remote security control offered by Safenet Security can give you and your family total confidence. When you leave your Akron area home, you can easily turn things on or off if you happened to forget. Now you don’t have to turn around and drive all the way back to your house if you didn’t set the alarm or turn off your dining room light! Plus, this home automation system gives you the ability to make your home appear occupied while you and your loved ones are on vacation.

Safenet Security has helped numerous homeowners throughout the Akron, Ohio area feel safe by installing and setting up home security systems. However, some people like having a back-up in case they forget to secure their homes. That’s why Safenet Security offers home automation systems from and Total Connect—to provide their customers user-friendly security they can use on the go. If you’re interested in obtaining a system with remote security control for your Cleveland, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home, visit Also, one of Safenet’s knowledgeable associates would also be happy to discuss their phone-controlled security programs if you have any questions. Just give them a call at 1.888.723.3595.