Safenet Security Protects Homes & Businesses in the Youngstown & Warren Area with Burglar Alarms, Video Surveillance & More

If protecting your Warren or Youngstown home or business is a priority, then Safenet Security is the company you need to call. Not only will you be working with a locally-owned and operated business located in Cuyahoga Falls, but you will also be choosing a preferred dealer of First Alert Professional® security systems by Honeywell. Safenet Security will take the time to customize a plan and security system features, which may include burglar alarms and video surveillance, that best meet the needs of your commercial or residential property.

The services offered by Safenet Security extend beyond simply installing a keypad in your home or a camera in your office. You can begin with a free, no obligation consultation. During your consultation, your Safenet Security representative will get to know you, your business, and your specific needs. At all times, from initial consultation to installation to monitoring, you will always be working directly with trusted employees of Safenet Security, not subcontractors.

Burglar alarms are a normal first step in securing your property. When you have a First Alert Professional® alarm installed in your Youngstown or Warren area home or business, you can rest assured that you have selected the best in the industry. The interface is an easy to use keypad that allows you to turn your system on or off with a code of your choosing. The loud, powerful alarm is often enough to deter an intruder on its own, but Safenet Security is not counting on that alone.

Your security system is monitored at all times by their trained operators who will respond immediately if the alarm is activated. The company’s two-way voice services allow Call Center Specialists to contact you within seconds of an alert to verify that is was not an accidental activation or false alarm. This near instant response allows the operator to then verify to law enforcement that emergency service is needed. They can also find out the nature of the situation to ensure that the proper assistance is dispatched. They will stay on the line with you until help arrives to continue monitoring the situation, as well as to provide you with some peace of mind that you’re not truly alone. You’re never unprotected with a burglar alarm from Safenet Security.

Want even more protection? Video surveillance monitoring can be used in conjunction with your burglar alarm to create a security system with even more coverage. Because Safenet Security is able to customize your protection, you can create nearly any type of video surveillance package. You may choose to have only a small, indoor “nanny-cam” type set up or you may need an entire network of cameras to monitor a large property or commercial building. Whatever your requirements, Safenet Security can help.

To learn more about how Safenet Security can help to protect your Warren or Youngstown area home or business, call them at 888.723.3595 to set up your free consultation! You can also read more about the video surveillance and security systems, as well as other services, online at

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