Safenet Security’s SafePet Security Pet Fence & Safety Solutions for the Stow & Hudson, Ohio Area

Pets become our children’s best friends and are out constant companions as we get older. They’re full-fledged members of our families complete with photos on the mantel place and our social media pages. They’re the stars of the stories we tell to our Kent, Ohio friends and neighbors. We do whatever we can—from buying the most nutritious foods to regular check-ups with the vet—to keep them healthy and safe. So, what do you do when your Hudson, Ohio homeowners association doesn’t permit fences or your wily Stow, Ohio pet is moonlighting as an escape artist and keeps leaving your backyard? You contact locally-owned Safenet Security to ask about their SafePet Security pet fence and pet safety solutions!

By now, you’ve read about how Safenet Security can protect you and your property with their state of the burglar alarms and home security and monitoring systems. You’ve also read about how their trained operators can be contacted with the touch of a button in a medical emergency using their SafeMedAlert personal emergency response system. You may be asking yourself what more they could possibly do to safeguard the things and people you cherish most. Well, the protection offered by Safenet Security extends beyond the walls of your home and includes the four-legged members of your family, as well.

With SafePet Security, your pet safety concerns are addressed in several ways. The system is designed to keep your pet within the boundary that you designate, so your fears of your dog finding his or her way to a nearby busy Hudson street or simply unable to make their way back to your Kent home are abated. The SafePet Security pet fence also looks out for your dog’s physical wellbeing by using a comfortable and humane collar. And, while many companies may make that claim, the SafePet system has several features built in to ensure it.

For example, the system is adjustable, and can be programmed for even the most sensitive of pets. Manufactured by Perimeter® Technologies, the fence can cover up to five acres, leaving plenty of room for your pet to exercise and play—this is not some sort of modified kennel designed to box your pet into a small, restrictive area. And, instead of metal conductors pressed against your pet’s neck, you will find Perimeter Comfort Contacts ™ made of rubber that has been infused with metal making it both safer and more comfortable.

The SafePet system is easy to install, and includes a helpful instructional DVD to walk you through the setup process. There are also useful videos to assist you with the training process using the included flags. The auditory signal that is emitted as your pet approaches the boundary that you’ve set will help them to easily identify the cordoned area.

Safenet Security stands behind the SafePet Security pet fence solution with a limited lifetime warranty that protects not only your pet, but also your investment. If pet safety is a concern for your Stow, Ohio; Hudson, Ohio; or Kent, Ohio household, then it’s time to call Safenet Security at 888.723.3595 for more information or for a quote today! You can also visit to learn more about the many services available from locally-owned Safenet Security to protect you, your loved ones, and your property.