See a Coffee Shop, Art Gallery & Photography Studio Combine to Create Art Latte in Akron, Ohio

A unique locale where art and food intertwine is available to curious connoisseurs in Summit County. It’s called Art Latte, and the Akron, Ohio business blends the expected aspects of an art gallery and a coffee shop as the name suggests. But typical expectations are quickly cast aside by patrons from Peninsula, Ohio as well as visitors from Montrose, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio the moment they step inside. And the scent of fresh coffees and teas, the sight of fresh deli foods and pastries, and signs of the in-house photography studio can combine to have the same effect on you.

Trying to envision the many layers of Art Latte can be challenging. So rather than stretch your imagination, picture this description. When you walk into the interesting establishment, you will be welcomed into a quaint coffee shop. Specialty coffees and teas will first appeal to your senses as visual stimulants distract you.

Perhaps it will be the deli cases filled with pastries, breakfast selections, or tailored lunch options that initially catch your eye. But then again, it could be the art gallery off to your left that leads into a second gallery space. In either case, colors and textures will combine with scents and smells to create a multi-sensory experience that you will come to know as Art Latte.

Following a brief exploration of the one-a-kind establishment, you may determine it be your coffee shop of choice or the art gallery to which you frequently escape. And we say brief not to indicate a shortage of experiences at the desirable destination. The word instead refers to how quickly you will be convinced that your friends in Montrose, your coworkers in Cuyahoga Falls, or your partner in Peninsula must meet you at Art Latte immediately.

Once they do, you can inquire about the inspired creations that come from the in-house photography studio. It’s located upstairs and able for viewing when not in use. That part you likely expected. But you will surely be surprised to know that like the coffee shop and art gallery at Art Latte, the photography studio can be booked from private use. That’s right. The unique, sensual environment of Art Latte can provide the address and ambiance for your next party.

Now, you may want to unleash your imagination and envision the celebrations that this interesting place would be perfect for. Perhaps an intimate baby shower in the coffee shop for your friend from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Maybe an engagement party for you and your beau from Montrose, Ohio in the art gallery?  Better yet, your long overdue birthday party can fill the photography studio with your special people from Peninsula, Ohio. With so many options, it may be best to visit Art Latte and see what inspires you. If you’re curious about hours and private party rates, call 330.835.9007 or chat with a team member when you get there.

Art Latte
1662 Merriman Road
Akron, Ohio 44313