See the Talented Dancers of MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance at the Global Village Festival in Akron, Ohio

While there are a number of different dance styles throughout the world, few are quite as fun to watch as traditional Irish folk dancing. With the movements, costumes and music, there’s just nothing like it! Fortunately for those who haven’t had the opportunity to view this unique form of dance up close, MacConmara Academy’s own Celtic Storm dance team will be performing at the Global Village Festival in Akron, Ohio on September 14th! By heading over to this Summit County, Ohio cultural event, you’ll be able to see just what these young, talented individuals can do. And who knows, your own child may become interested in dance class enrollment at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. Luckily, this local dance studio is still accepting new students for fall. So, if your little one develops a love for Irish dance after watching the Celtic Storm, you’ll still be able to take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio home to sign up for affordable dance classes!

As a celebration of international and ethnic diversity in the Summit County community, the Global Village Festival in Akron is a great place for MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance to show others the beauty of Irish folk dancing. On September 14th at 1:30PM, MacConmara’s Celtic Storm dance team will be performing on the Lock 4 Stage, incorporating traditional music and costumes in their show. In addition to performing competition-level pieces, the dancers will also give the audience the chance to see céilí dancing in person—a type of informal dance that was typically found in homes and crossroads throughout Ireland!

In addition to preparing for the Global Village Festival, the students at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance are currently getting ready for the regional championships that are to be held after Thanksgiving in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Going up against some of the best dancers in the country, MacConmara’s students will have the opportunity to show off the skills they’ve acquired from working with experienced instructors.

If your own child has shown an interest in Irish folk dancing, then you’ll be pleased to learn that dance class enrollment for the fall season is still open! By filling out the registration form on their website and taking the trip from your Canton or North Canton home, your aspiring dancer will have the chance to work alongside some of MacConmara’s other promising young students. Plus, you’ll also appreciate the fact that MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance offers very affordable dance classes for students of all ages. By simply mentioning this blog when you stop over at MacConmara’s studio, you can receive a discount on your child’s lessons!

If you and your family have a love for Irish culture, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to see the Celtic Storm perform at the Global Village Festival in Summit County, Ohio at the Lock 4 Stage on September 14th. So, remember to mark your calendar! And if you’d like to learn more about Irish folk dancing from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance, just visit their website at Fall dance class enrollment is still open for aspiring dancers throughout Canton, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio. Just remember to mention this blog when you call or stop by MacConmara so you can get a discount for affordable dance classes!

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