Start Your Summer Celebrations off Right with Party Food from DeVitis Italian Deli & Market near Stow, Ohio

Post-graduation parties, 4th of July gatherings, summer get-togethers with friends… You certainly have a lot on your plate this season! Unfortunately, your plate may be lacking in one key element—party food. Without some delicious offerings, your highly-anticipated event could end being a flop. Why risk disappointing your guests with bland appetizers and so-so entrées? Not to mention ruining your credibility as party host/hostess extraordinaire… Instead, why not serve your friends and family members some tasty meat and cheese trays, authentic Italian pasta dishes and other expertly-prepared foods? With help from DeVitis Italian Deli & Market near Stow, Ohio, you can get the deli platters and pre-made goodies you need to ensure the celebration at your North Canton, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home goes off without a hitch.

Now, before you protest against the idea of purchasing a meat and cheese tray when you could create one yourself, consider what DeVitis Italian Deli & Market has to offer. This family-owned establishment near Stow carries only the finest meats and cheeses within their shop. Unlike the questionable products you may find at your local big box store, DeVitis provides customers with deli platters comprised of traditional and more unique fare. As each tray is made to order, you can trust that you will receive a mouth-watering plate of fresh Swiss, provolone, cheddar, longhorn, roast beef, Genoa salami, roasted turkey breast, imported Danish cooked ham and whatever else your heart (and stomach) desires. The perfect start to any meal, a meat and cheese tray from DeVitis will give your guests a flavorful appetizer to tide them over until the main course.

Still, if you’re unconvinced that the party food from DeVitis can really make your gathering one to remember, perhaps you should take a moment to look into their Italian pasta dishes

Being an Italian grocery store, DeVitis Italian Deli & Market has all of the necessary ingredients to create some truly fantastic dishes. And that’s exactly what they use to make their prepared foods for customers. Their gourmet, ready to eat options include a number of tangy, scrumptious Italian pasta dishes including meat and cheese lasagna, Veal/Eggplant/Chicken Parmigiano, Lasagna Roll-Ups and more. With fresh herbs, quality meat, crisp vegetables and rich tomato sauce, each of DeVitisprepared foods provides an explosion of flavor as soon as it touches your tongue.

And the best part is that DeVitis Italian Deli & Market will make sure your party food is crafted, cooked and packaged right before your special event is scheduled to begin! You merely have to drive over to DeVitis from your North Canton or Cuyahoga Falls home to pick up your deli platter, pasta, or other party food order. After bringing it home and setting it up, you’ll be able to present your guests with a delectable feast made with premium ingredients.

Your chance to show off your party planning expertise is now! And DeVitis Italian Deli & Market near Stow, Ohio can give you just the help you need to make your summer celebration a hit. With prepared foods such as meat and cheese trays, Italian pasta dishes, savory dips and more, your guests will be applauding your efforts and asking where you found such wonderful party food! Before you run out of time, visit to get pricing for their deli platters and other appetizing meals. Once you give DeVitis Italian Deli & Market a call at 330.535.2626 to place your order, simply take the quick trip from your North Canton, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home to pick it up before your big event!

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