Study Martial Arts at The Silent Mind in Twinsburg, Ohio and Start Your Journey Toward Self-Development

Unless you’ve taken the time to do in-depth research, chances are that you’re unaware of the primary reasons why people choose to study martial arts. Though you may assume it’s because those who take such classes want to learn self-defense, it goes much deeper than that. Throughout history, martial arts have been used to prepare students for war, competition and as a means for self-development. While competition remains the focus of many Summit County, Ohio martial arts schools, this isn’t the case at The Silent Mind. This Twinsburg, Ohio school believes that martial arts can be used as an adult or youth activity to improve the mind, body and spirit.

The Silent Mind believes that learning about the history of martial arts is vital to students. That’s why the experienced instructors at this Twinsburg martial arts school take the time to explain the origins and past history of martial arts. This gives students a more well-rounded education than those who study martial arts at other Summit County studios.

At The Silent Mind, Master Tim Loomis and all of the senior instructors explain to students that martial arts have historically been studied for three main reasons. The first is for a means of self-preservation during war. The second is for the fame and glory that comes with winning competitions. And the third is because it’s one’s chosen lifestyle, such as those who attend live-in schools and monasteries. What’s interesting about martial artists around the world is that they may have crossed through some or all three along their journey.

In the “olden days,” families developed and shared their knowledge of martial arts within their family. It was common practice for the military to visit a village and conscript the young males into service.  Typically, these “foot soldiers” were not very well trained. The martial art training gained in the family helped to give parents peace of mind and afforded the young men the best chance of returning home from war.

Once the wars were over, the best fighters needed an outlet, and many times a way to make a living. These excellent martial artists would travel around the country, competing against one another in matches, gaining fame and attracting students who wanted to learn their style or system of martial art. Schools of martial arts were established and began competing amongst themselves. This is the model that most martial arts schools follow today. Go to other studios around the Northeast Ohio region and you’ll see countless trophies displayed in their windows, validating their proficiency at winning competitions.

With age and wisdom, some martial artists realized that they gained so much more from their diligent practice than just how to fight. It’s this realization that caused many of them to go deeper in their practices for the purpose of self-development. Eventually, martial arts became a vehicle for spiritual growth and enlightenment. No longer did students merely study martial arts in order to perfect the body, but to open the mind and enrich the spirit.

While self-defense is still an important focus at The Silent Mind, a person’s self-development is the goal and most important martial arts benefit they provide. The senior instructors of The Silent Mind do not believe in participating in competitions.  They teach to seek a win-win in every situation.  The students at this Summit County, Ohio studio are encouraged to study martial arts as a way to enhance virtually every aspect of their lives.  Northeast Ohio natives who take classes at this martial arts school as an adult or youth activity confirm the fact that The Silent Mind’s teachings provide them with the best self-defense training and so much more.

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