Firehouse Grille & Pub: Ravenna, Ohio’s Comfortable Family-Friendly Restaurant

If it’s Friday night or any night ending in “Y” (except for Sunday), then head on over to a fun, casual, family-friendly restaurant in Ravenna, Ohio…the Firehouse Grille & Pub! Now you have probably heard the name before, in fact, if you walk the campus of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, you will soon hear that the Firehouse Grille & Pub near Rootstown, Ohio is one happening place! It’s the place where you and your friends can hang out after the game, or even go to catch the game on one of their large TVs! A place that, if Mom and Dad are in town, would surely please their appetites as well as their pocketbooks! Firehouse Grille & Pub offers all-American food and affordable restaurant menu items for kids and adults alike.

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ALLERGY RESPIRATORY & SLEEP MEDICINE Establishes a History of Helping People through Research Studies and Clinical Trials in Canton Ohio

It is not unusual for a patient visiting the Allergy Respiratory & Sleep Medicine center in Canton, Ohio to spend the day in bed under the watchful eye of its caring staff. This happens all the time because when Dr. Given set up his new clinic and research center where he conducts research studies with patients who volunteer for clinical trials, he set aside a comfort room just for this purpose. Dr. Given cares for his patients in a kind and compassionate way. He is the team leader in the office and his staff emulate his passion for good patient care. Continue reading