Chimney Soot and Birds in the Chimney Are Problems Solved by Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio

You’ve spent months curled up in front of your fireplace feeling the warmth, admiring the glow, and hearing the crackle of soothing fires. While you likely removed leftover firewood bits and swept the ashes out of sight, chances are slim that you spent any time removing chimney soot. Now spring is here and it’s time to call Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio and schedule a chimney cleaning service. The chimney sweeper job is not a favorite for most homeowners in Lakemore, Ohio; Hartville, Ohio; or Green, Ohio. But it’s a job well done by the chimney service and repair experts at Fireplaces & More. They can also inspect or replace your chimney cap and end your bird problems before they begin. Birds in the chimney can end up being birds in the living room without an efficient bird barrier in place.

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