The Pierogi Lady in Hartville, Ohio Makes Mouthwatering Gourmet Pierogies for your Summer Family Gatherings

Have you ever had a pierogi?  Do you know what a pierogi is? Well, if they are new to you then be prepared to be introduced to a tasty handmade specialty foodTraditional Polish pierogies (dumplings) are first boiled, then fried or baked and are filled with delicious insides—like potatoes and cheese!  The Pierogi Lady in Hartville, Ohio makes so many different types, you’ll be amazed!  If you are headed out for some shopping in Green, Ohio or Wadsworth, Ohio and find yourself needing some lunchtime sustenance, then pierogies won’t be far away.  From traditional pierogies to gourmet pierogies full of flavors and new combinations, you will find exactly what you are craving. You can place catering orders for your next backyard gathering this summer or simply get some perfectly yummy pierogies for your lunch!

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