Broken Apple Product? Visit One of iRepair & iCustomize’s Locations in Akron, Kent, Canton, or Aurora, Ohio

If you have a broken Apple product lying around your home, it’s probably because you don’t want to pay an astronomical fee just to have it fixed. Getting an iPhone screen repair or replacement from your local Apple store can be an expensive task, especially if your warranty has expired or you didn’t get insurance on it. However, visiting the original retailer isn’t your only option. As iRepair & iCustomize specializes in smartphone repair and customization, this local cell phone shop can make your device look like new for half the price! You can even visit one of iRepair & iCustomize’s locations in Kent, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; or Aurora, Ohio to sell your used iPhone, iPad, or iPod if you’d prefer to upgrade to a new model.

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