Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Summit County, Ohio is a Social Learning Place!

The time is swiftly approaching: It’s back to school and fall enrollment time for schools and childcare centers everywhere!  The school supply shelves are stocked and waiting to be picked over, and your child magically seems to have grown a foot in the past 2 months.  After all the shopping and stocking up is finished, it becomes that fateful first day of school all too soon.  As a parent in Akron, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; or other places around Summit County, Ohio, the choice of where to send your child or children is something you don’t take lightly.  Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center will provide excellent care for your child or children from ages 6 weeks to 11 years old.  Not only will they have a safe place to go for the day (or just for a while after school) but also a place of social learning with an educated staff.

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