Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Green, Ohio Has Deli Party Trays Made to Order for Your Backyard Gathering

Andy and Kathy, Proprietors of Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Green, Ohio, noticed something about the area surrounding where they lived. They noticed how much local residents loved to enjoy seasonal summer produce.  With 28 years of experience in the nursery and landscaping business, they planted some corn—10 acres of it—and opened a stand on the side of the road.  As many of us in surrounding areas such as North Canton, Ohio and Uniontown, Ohio know, roadside stands are where you can find the absolute best tasting local fresh food.  Fast forward 6 years and Andy and Kathy now plant 97 acres of corn and other produce, sell delicious homemade breads and desserts, and create made-to-order items such as deli party trays and fruit party trays for any graduation party, birthday party, or backyard barbeque.

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