Building 9 Has Energy Efficient Replacement Windows at Closeout Costs for Medina County, Ohio

When you see the bright yellow and red of Building 9 in Akron, Ohio, follow your instinct to slow down and stop!  Why?  To save money (in the store and at home) when you take advantage of all the closeout cost replacement windows they have in stock! With the dog days of summer upon Medina County, Ohio and temperatures some days well above 100 degrees it’s time to replace those old worn out windows! Think of it this way: you wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning and open up all the windows would you? No way! But that is exactly what you are doing with the older windows in your Wadsworth, Ohio or Seville, Ohio home…letting the cool air slip right out the window! No wonder the electric bills are so high! But, when you replace those windows with Silver Line® by Andersen energy efficient windows from Building 9, the heating and cooling savings come pouring into your pocket, not flying out of your Sharon Center, Ohio window! Continue reading