August is Yellow Jacket Season in Stark County, Ohio! Call Bond Exterminating!

The month of August, although known for its warm days, cooler nights, and back to school preparations, is known as something else around the staff at Bond Exterminating:   Yellow Jacket, Hornet and Earwig season!  While we as humans would like to be enjoying the lingering days of summer for all they are worth, the Yellow Jackets and Hornets come out in full force.  They can be dangerous around your home and come out in large numbers this time of year.  They are aggressive insects, so if you suspect there is a nest in or around your Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Wayne County, Ohio home, trust a trained exterminator to eradicate the problem completely.  That way, you won’t waste time and money buying spray cans to use on what you think is a nest without getting any results.  The last thing you want to find is that there is a large bee’s nest inside the walls of your home that may come through your drywall!  Imagine, a swarm of bees dive bombing your family while you eat dinner!  It is best to know what to look for in an infestation and call Bond Exterminating before there is an emergency!

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