Above & Beyond Helps Develop Social Skills & Encourages Learning for Children in the Summit County, Ohio Area

Are you ready for back to school in Summit County, Ohio? You probably have a list of supplies to purchase, and you’re slowly but surely putting together your student’s back to school wardrobe, but there’s that niggling feeling that there’s something you’re forgetting… Could it be an after school program for your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio child? Of course, you want something more for your child than a glorified babysitter. That’s where Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio comes in. At this licensed childcare center, they do not simply “watch” your child, but provide engaging activities that assist in developing social skills and encourage learning in a fun environment.

So, what sets Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center apart from other daycare providers and after school programs, and how can they attain the incredible goals they have set for themselves? Continue reading