Try Rock Fresh’s Fall Seafood, Traditional Recipes, & Desserts from Scratch in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio!

With the cooler Munroe Falls, Ohio weather come heartier comfort foods! Let’s face it: our eating habits change with the seasons. The crockpot gets dusted off and pots of chili, stews, and homemade soups can be found cooking on countertops throughout Peninsula, Ohio and everywhere! Yes, fall has arrived! The same can be said for the kitchen at Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Owner Rockne Becker has been busy preparing the comfort foods you love. In fact there is even a special section on their menu called “Comfort Food Hot Plates,” which includes fall seafood and traditional recipes! And what better way to satisfy your hunger than with a plate that tastes just like what your momma used to make (And maybe even better…just maybe) and a dessert made from scratch?

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