The Pierogi Lady in Hartville, Ohio Makes Mouthwatering Gourmet Pierogies for your Summer Family Gatherings

Have you ever had a pierogi?  Do you know what a pierogi is? Well, if they are new to you then be prepared to be introduced to a tasty handmade specialty foodTraditional Polish pierogies (dumplings) are first boiled, then fried or baked and are filled with delicious insides—like potatoes and cheese!  The Pierogi Lady in Hartville, Ohio makes so many different types, you’ll be amazed!  If you are headed out for some shopping in Green, Ohio or Wadsworth, Ohio and find yourself needing some lunchtime sustenance, then pierogies won’t be far away.  From traditional pierogies to gourmet pierogies full of flavors and new combinations, you will find exactly what you are craving. You can place catering orders for your next backyard gathering this summer or simply get some perfectly yummy pierogies for your lunch!

The menu that The Pierogi Lady offers is extensive and gets added to quite often with new concoctions of flavors being tried out every day.  Some of the traditional Polish pierogies include: potato and cheddar, sour cream and chives with potato, potato with cheddar and onions, and more. Some of the more gourmet and experimental flavors are: potato cheddar jalapeno, the “Italian” (which has sausage, provolone, mozzarella, peppers, onions, garlic and seasoning), and loaded baked potato!  There are even gourmet pierogies for the dessert table at your Independence Day gathering like Apple and Candy Bar (with chocolate ganache, peanuts, and caramel)!

The Pierogi Lady also has a very informative Facebook page set up.  Their hours and other reminders are always posted for the week, and a description of any new menu additions are there as well.  Did you know that they have been part of the Green Farmer’s Market for four summers now?  They not only show up, they cook while they’re there making fresh pierogies and Polish sausage sandwiches while you wait.

What special event do you have coming up? Perhaps you are planning for a nice Independence Day celebration at your home or a local park.  This time of year, both high school and college graduates are celebrating accomplishments.  And—let’s be honest—in the summertime we all just like to get together for no reason to eat great tasting food , swim, and play outdoors.  Catering orders for your outdoor celebration (of any kind) can be placed to The Pierogi Lady and they will drop off an entire pan or two for you and your guests that is hot and ready to eat!  The handmade specialty food in the semicircular shape will make a great side dish to any foods you’re grilling up this summer.

You can find The Pierogi Lady’s home base in the Hartville Marketplace while you are doing some summer flea market shopping.  The super-scrumptious handmade specialty food can also be found at Figaro Farm’s Fresh Market in Green, Ohio and at Crooked River Herb Farm in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Their traditional Polish pierogies and gourmet pierogies come in many flavors and are available for catering orders. Check out and “like” their Facebook page for updates or give them a call to place an order today at 330.690.2129.  Post a comment below to let us know which kind of pierogi you can’t wait to try!

The Pierogi Lady
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, Ohio 44632
Phone: 330.690.2129