The Pierogi Lady Will Be Participating in the Celebrity Chef Event on October 27th in Tallmadge, Ohio!

We’re a very fortunate bunch to live in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Akron, Ohio area. Not only do we reside in a region with numerous sports events, activities, and local hot spots to keep us entertained, but we are also lucky to have so many talented people living in our midst. And one of the most well-known individuals in the area just happens to be The Pierogi Lady! If you’ve never had the opportunity to partake in a plate of Autumn Johnston’s delectable homemade pierogies, you’re missing out on something really special. Fortunately, The Pierogi Lady will be appearing at the Celebrity Chef event sponsored by the Tallmadge Lions Club this October. If you would love to satisfy your taste buds with popular local dishes from a specialty food buffet, you need to purchase your ticket for this Tallmadge, Ohio fundraiser today!

While there are many creative chefs throughout the Northeast Ohio area, we can all agree that The Pierogi Lady brings something truly unique to the table. With a wide variety of fresh, homemade pierogies on the menu, The Pierogi Lady provides food lovers with a meal they won’t soon forget! If, for whatever reason, you’ve been unable to visit The Pierogi Lady at her home base in the Hartville MarketPlace, or the other venues in which she sets up shop during the year, you need to come see her at the Celebrity Chef event near Akron on October 27th. Not only will you be able to try some of Autumn Johnson’s famous delicacies, but you will be able to fill up on popular local dishes from other big names as well.

On Saturday, October 27th, the Tallmadge Lions Club will open the doors to their fundraiser at The Venue Banquets facility on Tallmadge Circle at 6PM. By purchasing a $25 ticket in advance or $35 at the door, you will have the chance to enjoy delicious cuisine from well-known individuals like The Pierogi Lady at the specialty food buffet. You and your Cuyahoga Falls friends or family members can choose from a large selection of sweet and savory dinner items, as well as try your hand at the silent auction or enter to win a wine raffle!

If you’ve been meaning to try some of The Pierogi Lady’s mouthwatering pierogies, you need to purchase your ticket for the Celebrity Chef event in Tallmadge, Ohio as soon as possible! You really don’t want to miss out on this chance to try other popular local dishes from the specialty food buffet. So, make sure you and your Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio friends clear your calendar for Saturday, October 27th. To find out more about this exciting fundraiser, visit the website for the Tallmadge Lions Club at, or check out The Pierogi Lady’s Facebook page.

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