Try Rock Fresh’s Fall Seafood, Traditional Recipes, & Desserts from Scratch in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio!

With the cooler Munroe Falls, Ohio weather come heartier comfort foods! Let’s face it: our eating habits change with the seasons. The crockpot gets dusted off and pots of chili, stews, and homemade soups can be found cooking on countertops throughout Peninsula, Ohio and everywhere! Yes, fall has arrived! The same can be said for the kitchen at Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Owner Rockne Becker has been busy preparing the comfort foods you love. In fact there is even a special section on their menu called “Comfort Food Hot Plates,” which includes fall seafood and traditional recipes! And what better way to satisfy your hunger than with a plate that tastes just like what your momma used to make (And maybe even better…just maybe) and a dessert made from scratch?

First, let’s start by saying that all of the entrees at Rock Fresh are made with the freshest ingredients that Rock chooses and prepares personally each day. The meats that you will find on the menu have been chosen by Rock himself then slow roasted and sliced right in the kitchen…not brought in pre-made from an outside source. The soups that are served have been simmering for hours…made fresh with ingredients that are farmer’s market quality. And the bread…well lets just say Rock found a local baker that has agreed to create warm fresh from the oven bread that transports your taste buds to the heavens!

So, what exactly can you anticipate if you are heading to Rock Fresh from the Munroe Falls area? Here is just a sample of some of the dishes that can warm your hungry soul! First, you simply must try the fall seafood favorite Lobster Newberg! This dish is something that every seafood lover simply must indulge in! Chef Rock starts off by taking succulent chunks of lobster, throws in a little seafood medley to go along with the lobster then he bakes it in a rich creamy Newburg sauce. Simply delicious! Next, get stuffed with a classic! Try traditional recipes like Stuffed Pepper or Stuffed Cabbage (commonly known as a pig in a blanket). These homemade favorites are a hearty choice before or after the game. Now, a favorite that just screams fall is the Beef and Latke. These grilled potato pancakes are served with corn beef, topped with a dollop of sour cream and served with a side of applesauce. Dinner or dessert? You decide! (That’s just how good they are!)

Speaking of dessert, when dining at Rock Fresh, be sure to save room! Folks from Peninsula love to indulge in all the delicious desserts made from scratch that chef Rock has created! After dinner, before dinner, or make it your dinner…warm homemade bread pudding combined with a tasty blend of seasonal fruits and nuts, drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream would go great with a steaming hot cup of coffee. A perfect ending to the perfect meal! If that doesn’t hit your sweet tooth, try the pineapple up-side down cake! Chef Rock takes fresh pineapple and bakes it into a spongy cake…sweet, refreshing, and oh sooo good! If you are craving chocolate, then Rock Fresh has a chocolate and walnut torte that has your name on it! This rich, creamy, chocolate cake is made from scratch with sweet walnuts. It really does have your name on it! Bet ya it does!

Stop on out to Rock Fresh for your favorite fall seafood and traditional recipes. Located at 3883 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, it’s just minutes from Munroe Falls, Ohio and Peninsula, Ohio! Rock Fresh is open seven days a week, Monday thru Saturday 8am to 9pm, and Sundays 11am to 5pm…or log onto for more information. And when you stop in, be sure to tell your server there is a dessert made from scratch in the back with your name on it!