Turn Your Akron, Ohio Home into a Concert Venue with a Sonos HiFi Speaker System from Sundance LTD

No matter how good your iPod speakers may be, there’s just no substitute for a Sonos HiFi speaker system, especially if you enjoy the convenience of hands-free listening. This wireless music system not only lets you listen to your favorite tunes in any room of your Fairlawn, Ohio or Bath, Ohio home, but it delivers loud, crystal clear sound that will make you feel like you have front row seats to a great concert. Sonos products give you the freedom to immerse yourself in songs by using the top music services available today, as well as turn your boring entertainment system into a complete home theater. And it just so happens that there’s a Sonos Gold Dealer located right here in the Akron, Ohio area! By contacting Sundance LTD, not only can you invest in wireless speakers for pure, clean sound, but you can also purchase a high-quality soundbar to bring TV shows, movies, and video games to life!

If you’ve never had a wireless music system before, you’re missing out on a truly amazing listening experience. For starters, the HiFi speaker system from Sonos allows you to play music in any room of your Fairlawn or Bath home. Surprisingly lightweight and free of wires, Sonos speakers are portable, so you can put them wherever you want with minimal effort. However, if you opt to purchase a few speakers from Sundance LTD, you’ll be able to play music in multiple rooms at once!


Not only is the Sonos wireless music system a breeze to hook up, it’s very user-friendly. With the Sonos Controller App, you can browse through whatever music service you want, from Pandora to Google Play Music. Once you select the station of your choice, you can use your smart phone, tablet, or computer to stream music in any room where a speaker is located. This means that you can listen to the radio or your favorite playlists as you perform household chores that require you to move from room to room. Plus, you can ensure that party guests are treated to music no matter where they’re hanging out!

As a Sonos Gold Dealer, Sundance LTD is able to offer the entire product line. Since the manufacturer has a variety of speakers that are custom designed for every space in your home, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can purchase whatever audio component fits your budget and needs from one Akron area business. From the small yet powerful PLAY:1, to the high-quality soundbar that produces epic sound from your TV, any product you want can be obtained with a quick call to Sundance LTD.


Though this Akron, Ohio area business may be best known for their selection of home security and automation products, they’re proud to have the opportunity to offer Sonos wireless music systems to local residents. So, if you’re interested to learn more about the HiFi speaker system from Sonos, and how you can pair it with your favorite music services, visit their website at www.sundanceltd.com as well as the manufacturer’s site at www.sonos.com. If you have any questions about their portable speakers or high-quality soundbars, don’t hesitate to give Sundance LTD a call at 330.665.0387. This Sonos Gold Dealer would be happy to provide you with additional information about their products, and how you can bring incredible-sounding music to your Fairlawn, Ohio or Bath, Ohio home.

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